How to Make Brush Holders with Cute Faces

How to Make Brush Holders with Cute FacesIf you enjoy simple home crafts activities to make fun items for your home then you will love this 5-10 minute project. In the video, you will see how to Make Brush Holders with Cute Faces but really they have a myriad of uses not just paint or make up brushes. For instance, at the start of the video, it is mentioned that you could add a bow to the jar fill it with candy and give it as a gift. You could also make them into toothbrush holders, you could keep pencils and pens in them, I'm sure that there is no end of uses you just need to put your creative hat on!

Supplies Needed

Mason Jars

Acrylic Paints


Fine Paint Brush

Sponge Brush

Clear Gloss Spray or Mod Podge

Step by Step Instructions

To begin with paint the jar using the sponge brush with white acrylic paint, you are likely to need two or three coats so that the jar is totally opaque.

Make sure between each coat of paint that you give it time to dry.

Once the paint is dry using a pencil draw an outline for the eyes and then paint them with black paint. Don't worry if you mess up and go outside the outline, just wait for the black paint to dry and then paint over it with white.

Repeat the process for the moustache, draw an outline and then paint it black.

Finish off the white's of the eyes using the Acrylic paint

Next up you will want to give your face pink cheeks.

Once the paint has completely dried use the Gloss Spray or Mod Podge to give it a nice shiny finish.

Voila, you have a cute looking jar to store whatever you like in it!

This is an ever so simple home craft project and a great one to share with children. You can be creative with the faces and colors of the jars, you don't have to have a white background and you can add beards or glasses or even a pirate style face with a scar and eye patch, young boys will love this idea!

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