How to Make an Awesome Essential Oil Diffuser

How to Make an Awesome Essential Oil DiffuserIn this article, I am going to show you how to make an awesome essential oil diffuser. It's really simple to do and not only will you have a room that smells fresh and clean you will want to show all your friends how easy these are to make.

You can buy diffusers in stores and online but actually making them yourself is so easy and much more rewarding. We also don't think you will stop at just making one, once you have finished your first DIY diffuser you will want to add more of them to different rooms of the house. Maybe a nice orange and peppermint in the living room and a lavender and patchouli in the bedroom.

If you have kids you might like to involve them in this project they can make a diffuser for their bedroom with their choice of scents.

Supplies Needed

Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks

Your Own Choice of Essential Oils

Glass Container with Narrow Opening

Safflower or Sweet Almond Oil

Step by Step Instructions

To begin we are going to use the main ingredient which is the oil. Make sure that you choose an oil that doesn't have a strong smell. In the video 3/4 of a cup is used but it will depend on the size of your glass bottle.

The next step is to add the essential oils, in this example, we add a quarter cup worth. You can add as few or as many oils as you want, have fun with this part experiment! the ratio should be one to three to the oil used.

Once you have chosen the oil you like, give the mixture a quick stir and then pour it into your glass bottle.

It is best to fill it up about halfway and if you have any of the mixture left you can save it for later or even better if you have more glass bottles you place them in other rooms.

The final step is to place a handful of the rattan reed diffusers in the jar. Because these diffuser sticks are so permeable the scent will easily soak into the sticks and diffuse into the air.

As you see this is a very simple project that if you have the ingredients on hand will take just minutes to complete. Once you have one made it gets a bit addictive and you will want to make plenty more! They make a great table decoration and even look good on the countertop on your kitchen. Play around with different smells and different shaped bottle. We hope you have as much fun with this project as we did!

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