How to Make a Recycle Bin

How to Make a Recycle BinI thought this would make a nice colorful project that my kids could get involved in. It will encourage them to recycle and understand why we do it. You can also make use of recycled cardboard boxes as well! So if you want to know how to make a recycle bin easily then you will want to read on. You could also repurpose this project as a storage container to separate toys or other things.

Supplies Needed

Plastic Bucket

Hot Glue Gun

Cardboard boxes

4 Different Acrylic Paint Colors


Marker Pen

A wire Coat Hanger


Old Paintbrush

Pair of Pliers


Step by Step Instructions

The first thing you will need to do is cut the cardboard so that it is all one narrow piece.

Then roll the cardboard up so that it is in a round shape

Fit it into the bucket and then mark it and cut it to size, once you have the size you can glue the 2 sides together.

Make one separator that fits the bucket and then you can trace that one to make the other three the same size.

Once that is done you will want to trace 4 bottoms one for each separator and glue them in.

Next, make 4 tabs, make 1 as shown in the video and then trace it for the remaining three so they are all the same size and once again get your hot glue gun out and glue the tabs to the separators.

[Optional is to make the cardboard/coat hanger 'snot rag' remover as shown in the video!]

You then just need to paint the four separate pieces in different colors and stick a label to each one indicating what goes in that section.

Voila, one homemade recycle Bin!

Well, that was a fairly easy project. Younger kids will certainly need some help, you'll need to cut the cardboard to size and use the glue gun but they can do the painting. Its a fun and functional project and afterward you can get fill it up with recyclables or different toys if you are going to use it for that. Hope you enjoyed the project and check out some of our other articles for DIY projects and cool home decor.

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