How To Make a Jewelry Organizer – a Great Mothers Day Gift!

How To Make a Jewelry Organizer – a Great Mothers Day Gift!Today we have a nice little project that is going to be quick and easy to make. We are going to look at how to make a jewelry organizer either for yourself or to give away as a stunning gift. If you are like me you have jewelry scattered all over the house. I have drawers full of tangled necklaces, rings on the bathroom counter and plenty of earrings that I can't wear because I've lost or misplaced one of the pairs! If you are an organized person and do have your jewelry all stored nicely somewhere then I am sure you know of a friend who would appreciate this!

Supplies Needed

Framed Cork Board

Mixed Pack of Knobs & Pulls

Screw Eyes

Masking Tape

Hooks for Rings

Latex or Acrylic Paint - 2 colors

Paint Brushes

A drill or a Screwdriver

Step by Step Instructions

This is super simple to make, just make sure you have all the items needed ready on hand

To start with you need to tape off the frame of the corkboard so that you don't get paint on it.

The next step is to tape off the areas where you are going to have your stripes. Make a decision on how wide you want your stripes and mark it on the frame. You need to put the tape everywhere you don't want the first color you are going to use to be, in the video white is used but you can choose any color you like.

You are now ready to paint your first color just paint where you don't have the tape. You might need to do a couple of coats.

Once your first color of paint is dry tape over it and add your second color of stripes by painting between the lines.

Once the paint is completely dry [we would give it 15 minutes to be on the safe side] you can remove the masking tape.

Using all your pulls, knobs and screws decide how your organizer is going to look, try to make it functional and not too crowded. Make sure that you make some room for your necklaces to hang. You should be able to use a screwdriver to attach these to the cork but you might have to use a drill if you are attaching something from the back of the board.

All the hard work is done now and it wasn't that difficult, was it! so now for the fun part, we can go ahead and hang all our jewelry on the rack. How does it look?

If you are looking for a solution for reducing clutter and having all your jewelry organized and in one place then this will perfect for you. As well as serving a functional purpose it also looks fantastic and makes a beautiful display item for your home. I can guarantee that friends or family members will love it and want you to show them how to make one.

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