Toaster Oven with Pizza Drawer

Toaster Oven with Pizza Drawer

If you are a pizza lover like me you will really love this Toaster Oven with Pizza Drawer as well as being able to bake, toast and perform all the other functions you would expect from a countertop oven with this you can make a pizza from scratch or just heat up your DiGiorno [or other favorite brand] with ease.

This model has a generous capacity and has old-school analog controls that are easy to use and I know many people prefer them over digital. It's ideal for cooking all sorts of food from baking cakes to heating up frozen items. This will not only look great on your countertop it will likely replace your regular stove with its ease of use!

I thought it would make a great gift for my elderly parents, they don't really need a large oven for just the two of them and it would be really simple for them to operate. They wouldn't have to bend down and use the big oven. If they wanted pizza for dinner they would just take it our the freezer and pop it into the handy Pizza drawer.

I think this would be ideal for a single person or couple who haven't space or need for a large oven. It would also make a good back up to your main oven if you have a larger family and in the summertime save having a hot and uncomfortable kitchen.

Reading reviews online there were some RV users who really liked this as well, being able to cook pizza while on the road.

The idea of a countertop oven is really useful but what I like best about the Oster Convention is the pizza drawer, there are plenty of good toaster ovens out there but ones that you can grill a pizza in are far and few between.

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